Sourceinfi Connect Mumbai’24

Network with 100+ Curated People from Relevant Industries and have real conversations.

Date: March 30th

Time: 12: 00 PM

Location: Mumbai

Connect with Industry Leaders, Learn Practical Insights, become part of an evolving Digital Commerce Community, And Grow your Network in a friendly, collaborative setting.

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Sourceinfi Connect Mumbai’24

Sourceinfi Connect Mumbai’24

This isn’t just another industry meet-up.It’s about connecting with like-minded individuals and sharing real-world insights. Here’s what to expect in the meet-up

Interactive Discussions

Participate in focused group discussions on topics that matter to you - from marketing strategies to operational challenges in e-commerce and dropshipping.

Sharing Success Stories

Engage in lively discussions and workshops. Hear from peers about their journey, share your experiences, and find inspiration in the success stories of others.

Idea Exchange

Bring your ideas and questions. Use this platform to brainstorm with other attendees, get feedback, discuss potential partnerships or find mentors, and form a support network.

India's E-commerce and D2C opportunities

WHY Connect with us

Real Connections

Chat and network with successful e-commerce practitioners and up-and-comers in a relaxed, approachable atmosphere.

Practical Knowledge

From current e-commerce trends to overcoming everyday challenges, gain knowledge that you can directly apply to your business.

Engaging with Experts

Have meaningful conversations with our SourceInfi team. Discover how our insights can help you grow and sustain your e-commerce venture.

Meet the Masters:

Paras’s extensive background in logistics and broad knowledge of the dropshipping industry helped him position Sourceinfi as the most effortless and streamlined platform for conducting e-commerce.

Learn from the powerhouse behind a thriving 7-figure D2C brand. Get firsthand insights into his journey, strategies, and game-changing tactics, and get to know how to build a brand with the expert remedy in facebook ads scaling to conversions.

Sourceinfi Team:
Learn with industry veterans who've mastered the art of product sourcing and supply chains. They are enablers of 20+ D2C brands and 100+ dropshippers.

WHO Should Attend This Event

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Stepping into e-commerce can be daunting. Get a head start in e-commerce with practical advice and networking opportunities.

Digital Marketing Professionals

Enhance your digital marketing strategies by discovering new-age marketing strategies, trend analyses, and innovative traffic-driving techniques from experienced peers and experts.

Seasoned Dropshippers

Exchange ideas, learn new and advanced strategies, share experiences, network with established online sellers, and find new ways to grow your online business.

D2C Brand Visionaries

If you’re a D2C brand looking to scale, learn from the strategies and experiences of those who have already achieved what you aim for.

Date: March 30th 2024
Location: Mumbai
Time: 12:00 PM