Transform Your Business: Excel in China-India B2B Imports with Our Streamlined 5-Step Approach

Become a reliable and trustworthy COD eCommerce brand in India by letting SourceInfi handle end-to-end sourcing and fulfilment from China.

Facing Complexities in B2B Imports?

Are you new to the B2B import business and finding it difficult to navigate supplier relationships in China?

Is it daunting for you to find reliable suppliers and high-quality products in China?

Do you find managing inventory, shipping, and handling returns overwhelming?

Do you face challenges in scaling your B2B operations, particularly in sourcing and fulfillment from China?

Do you find it tough and time wasting to solve imports and customs duty clearance?

How SourceInfi Helps You Succeed?

All-In-One Platform

Easily integrate our easy-to-use platform with your Shopify store to access a strategically chosen product list from vendors in China and let us handle your procurement, storage, and delivery processes.

You Only Focus On Marketing

From product research and sourcing to COD payment collection, and much more, we handle everything for you so that you only focus on marketing your brand.

Stay Up & Running For Customers

We provide comprehensive support & consultation to help your brand stay on top of sourcing & logistic operations to ensure smooth & continuous workflow.

Customer Satisfaction

Our on-ground team in China ensures every product meets high-quality standards and reaches safely at your customers’ doorsteps.

Custom-Branded Packaging

We help you with custom-branded packaging of top-quality products from China and ensure you build a solid eCommerce brand in India.

Deliver Your Promise

Our streamlined logistics & fulfilment solutions, along with 10+ carrier partnership for safe, fast, & secure & reliable delivery of your products.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

eCommerce Journey Made Effortless

With over 500+ suppliers in China, we ensure same-day dispatch and also manage all nitty-gritty aspects of your entire logistic operations.

Providing High-Quality Products​

Ensure a solid reputation for your online store by offering high-quality products. We physically check every single product in China to guarantee the best quality products are available for you to choose from for your site.​

Own Warehousing in China

Reduce shipping times and costs, and ensure your products are safe in our state-of-the-art warehousing facilities in China. We have strategically located warehouses for optimal logistics, to ensure safety, and to reduce costs.

Quality Check Team in China

Remain on top of your niche by delivering excellence to your customers. Our on-ground quality-check team in China inspects products to meet quality and safety standards even before you choose them for your site.

Handling Imports and Customs

Our professional team can handle all the legalities of import regulations and customs procedures to ensure a smooth shipment of your products from China to India.

Fast Fulfillment

Never miss out on the delivery promises with our fast fulfilment process, which means your products move quickly from our warehouse to your customers.

Collecting COD and Remittance in Bank Fast

Improve your cash flow and financial stability as our dedicated team can help you collect cash-on-delivery payments and ensure fast remittance to your bank within 2 days.

Who Can Benefit With SourceInfi?

Our platform and services are designed to focus on different segments within the eCommerce domain to ensure access to all the required tools and support you need to succeed. Are you:

No matter which category you fall in, we provide access to over 5,000 suppliers for sourcing trending products with attractive margins to enable your D2C brand strengthen it’s position online and make higher profits.

5 Simple Steps to Start Your B2B Import Journey with SourceInfi

We've streamlined the process into five straightforward steps, ensuring you can launch and grow your business easily and confidently. Here's how you can start:

Step 1
Register With SourceInfi

Begin your journey by creating your account with SourceInfi.

Step 2
Connect Your Shopify Store

Easily link your Shopify store with SourceInfi for a smooth integration

Step 3
Explore Our Well-Planned Product Catalogue

Choose from our extensive, thoroughly researched, carefully chosen and procured product catalogue.

Step 4
Implement Your Marketing Strategy

Use your marketing expertise, run ads, and conduct A/B testing to maximize product potential.

Step 5
Scale Your Operations To New Heights

Scale your brand operations seamlessly with SourceInfi's continuous support and expertise.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our legal team stays updated with all the requirements, which helps our on-ground logistics department handle the imports from China.

We have filtered the top suppliers in China who provide us with the best products, which are then available for you to choose from after signing up with SourceInfi. Also, our strong team in China manually conducts quality checks to deliver the best to your customers.

SourceInfi stands out due to our comprehensive, end-to-end service model. We provide a full suite of services, including sourcing, quality checks, logistics, customs handling, and most important – customer support.

Yes, we offer private label packaging services to help you launch your own brand from China and ensure you achieve your desired business goals.